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As a pioneer and leader in office ergonomics, Humanscale is passionate about improving employee well-being. Our courses cover everything from the basics of office ergonomics to designing for healthy work environments to being a ‘Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator.’

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Ergonomics 101

A one-hour class covering the basics of ergonomics.

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Certification Program In Office Ergonomics

Become a ‘Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator.’

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Ergonomics Program Development Workshop

Learn Humanscale’s six-step framework for building and implementing a successful ergonomics program.

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Designing Healthy Work Environments

Ensure that ergonomic principles are incorporated into the design of your work environment.

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Master Classes

Attend a seminar led by world renowned ergonomist Alan Hedge.

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Continuing Education

Earn continuing education credits in ergonomics.

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