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Reposacabezas Freedom

Diseñado por Niels Diffrient


comfortable chair

a very nice design and comfortable chair, very recommended for long office work. the head rest also very comfy

Anthony A.


Great chair that adjusts to the way you sit

This is the most comfortable office chair I've used. I love it so much, I got three more for the family!



Simply the best working chair in the world

It must be ten years that I've been using this chair and not only has it supported me as I grow older, it is still in perfect condition. Indestructible and worth every penny!

Barbara G.



This chair provides the greatest comfort without the pretension of meaningless extra functions. Add the outstanding customer service when replacing parts and you have an all-around enjoyable experience.

Raymond W.


Perfect Chair

This chair is perfect for our agents. It helps with back support and is very comfortable and is a must have chair for everyone!

Susan T.


Perfect chair

First, I really appreciate how Humanscale waited a few months after I bought the chair to contact me for a review. You just don't see that kind of common sense in companies these days. I've tried many chairs from companies that profess they know comfort, but this chair is by far the only chair to sit in all day if you need to and stand up again pain free. Thank you for that. It's adjustable in places that make sense. When I don't want the hand rests, I can get them out of my way. When my back needs a stretch, I gently push and the chair moves with me, supporting my lower back. It's light, slim, easy to move -- even on a rug and absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.

Angela J.


A chair you can benefit from.

I have had my human scale Freedom Headrest since 2007. This chair has been a Godsent for me. Being disabled from an accident at work, seating had become an issue. I have had numerous chairs over the years, all of which agrvated my injuries. That is until I purchased the Freedom chair. Human Scale has stood by this chair. After owning this chair, the arms failed. I emailed Human Scale and they took down the serial number and told me it was still under warntee. I was prepared to pay for the parts. 10 years and they replaced the arms at no cost to me. That speaks volumes for their reputation. Thank you so much for making this product, and standing behind it! Sincerely, David B Jacksonville, Florida

David B.


It is amazing

I wasn't sure if I should get the chair with the Headrest as the one I have in the company office is the standard one. I was amazed how comfortable it is. I am programmer and recline a lot while coding. This provides perfect support.

David G.


Comfortable and elegant

John M.


The only chair you will ever need to buy!

As a chronic back sufferer there are good days and there are some very bad days. I have found just after 30 minutes on my Freedom chair makes my pains go away. I can't say enough about the quality and craftsmanship of the chair. Just get one and you too will be a believer.

Alex F.

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